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An OS for leading and sustaining large scale agile

What is the future for Big Agile?

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An Essential Roadmap for Agile Leadership

Ensure your organization succeeds at large scale agile. “Great Big Agile” is specifically for leaders in large organizations that currently are or want to be agile. Agile at a larger scale requires operational changes beyond the dev team that may already be agile. “Great Big Agile” presents an operating system that every agile leader needs to learn and adopt.

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Who Needs “Great Big Agile”

Organizations Who Want to be Agile

Organizations Who Are Agile

Consultants Helping Organizations With Agile

What You’ll Learn

  • Model the behaviors of a high-performance agile organization
  • Benefit from lessons learned by other organizations that have succeeded with Big Agile
  • Assess your level of agility with the Agile Performance Holarchy (APH)
  • Apply the APH model to your business 
  • Understand the APH performance circles, holons, objectives, and actions 
  • Obtain certification for your company, organization, or agency 

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The State of Agile Today

Why Great Big Agile Is a Necessity
Eighty percent

80% of teams are at or below “still maturing” with agile.

63% of corporate leaders have philosophy that conflict with core agile values.

60% of IT Organizations have less than half of their teams actually practicing agile.

47% of teams lack experience with agile methods and techniques.

51% of technical leaders do not have leadership skills needed for large-scale agile.

45% of teams lack management support.

Agile Performance Holarchy

APH Graphic Simple Graphic

The Agile Performance Holarchy (APH)― is a “how-ability” model that provides agile leaders and teams with an operating system to build, evaluate, and sustain great agile habits and behaviors. It is not a process or a hierarchy, but a holarchy, a series of performance circles with embedded and interdependent holons that reflect the behaviors of high-performing agile organizations.

About the Author

What is the future of Big Agile? Jeff Dalton thinks this is our industry’s biggest challenge, and he’s been studying it for years. As the large adopters in the federal government and corporate sector begin to adopt agile, they’ll bring their habits, culture, and bureaucracies with them, and in dozens of podcasts, articles, books, and keynote speeches Jeff has been talking about getting in front of the wave. 

A veteran technologist and leadership coach, Jeff has been a Chief Technology Officer, Chief Technology Executive, VP of Product Development, CEO, and Agile Evangelist for over 30 years including time with Hewlett Packard, Ernst and Young, Polk, Broadsword, and AgileCxO. As a consultant he has worked with NASA, Boeing, Accenture, Bose, L3 Communications, Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, and various federal agencies including DHS, IRS, DOD, and HHS. He is a popular conference speaker, author, and instructor who is a Certified Scrum Master, Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, APH Assessor, and APH Instructor. In his spare time Jeff is an instrument rated pilot, and plays bass in a jazz band. 

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