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Shanghai Agilezone Enterprise Management Consulting Limited Company (Agilezone) is the authorized partner of AgileCxO, PMI and EXIN, as well as the partner of COSMIC. Agilezone is a high-tech training and consulting enterprise, specializing in software project management and software development technology. With a group of domestic and overseas lecturers, who have great practical experience in training and consulting, Agilezone has been devoted to the promotion and practice of excellent agile project management in China. Since Agilezone was established, we have helped many customers transfer successfully from a traditional management mode into agile management mode, and provided training in agile project management implementation, CSM, ACP, DevOps, continuous integration, TDD, XP, Lean, Kanban, etc. http://www.measures.net.cn


Certified APH Coaches

  1. Jialin (Dylan) Ren
  2. Wei (Clark) Zhou
  3. Xinhua Wang
  4. Xiaofeng Liu

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